Description of the Budwig Center Therapy Program


  • Budwig Protocol

    After enrolling in our Wellness Education Program in which you will have the opportunity to learn about everything that Dr Budwig used in the treatment of her patients, you will learn about the food you need to eat and the food you need to avoid. You will receive a daily schedule explaining in detail what you need to do every day. You will receive several Budwig recipes and ideas for cooking according to the principles of Dr Budwig. Any treatment you use will be explained to you – its application and purpose.

  • Selected herbal therapy

    Dr Budwig supported natural supplements in the fight against cancer. She used natural herbal compounds, teas and herbs. You will receive an initial package of supplements and teas, and you will find out which ones to use, when and what they are for. You will also get schedules and recipes that you will follow during the day. You will make fruit and vegetable juices and the Budwig mixture yourself in the apartment in which you will be staying.

  • Microbe Destruction Program

    Zapper apparatus destroys viruses, bacteria, and parasites that are found in cancer cells. We will teach you how to start an intensive pathogen cleansing program. For this purpose we use only herbal products that are in compliance with Dr Budwig, along with the application of colloidal silver. After five days of treatment you will be able to start liver detoxification.

  • Daily Detoxification

    Water and coffee enemas help the liver to expel toxins. A common cause of pain are bacteria because they produce these toxins. Enema increases cleansing effectiveness against pathogens. You can perform the enemas by yourself in the apartment  or with the help of our medical technicians.

  • Ultimate Liver/Gallbladder Cleansing

    The liver performs 500 – 3000 functions a day. We will teach you the ancient and very effective method which has proved itself helpful for many people to expel large amounts of ‘soft gallstones’. Each stone contains parasites. After the first 5 days of cleansing of viruses, bacteria and parasites, you will learn how to perform this cleansing. Since toxins are one of the 4 main causes of cancer, it is very important to do this therapy as well.

  • Medical Magnets

    Cancer cells live in an acidic pH environment and do not have enough oxygen. The Budwig Protocol will teach you how to apply magnets for converting the pH into alkaline environment and how to increase the intake of oxygen to the cells. Daily use of magnets reduces pain and increases energy.

    With cancer, two factors are always present: an acidic pH and lack of oxygen. Molecular form of oxygen is only present in alkaline environment. Blood pH is 7.4, alkaline. When it becomes acidic, diseases and various symptoms develop. Healthy human cells contain many molecules of oxygen and alkaline pH. Carcinogenic chemicals (causing cancer) injure our genetic material called DNA 10000 times a day on average. DNA can recover as long as the cell has plenty of oxygen and is in an alkaline environment. When enzymes from foods function, a magnetic field is created that is measurable and recorded (in studies). Budwig mixture (cheese and flaxseed oil) combined with magnetic therapy changes the acidic environment of cancer cells into alkaline, creating a powerful healing field.

  • Emotional Healing

    Studies have estimated that 85% of health disorders are related to a negative experience. The use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) reduces the intensity of negative emotions. You can get several EFT treatments here and you will learn the basis of using EFT and how to use it wherever you are.

  • Acupuncture

    It stimulates the immune system, makes your body stronger, helps to reduce pain and swelling, improves the appetite, digestion, regulates sleep and improves mood.

  • Interpersonal Relationships

    Almost everyone has a difficult person in his life with whom he must communicate. A boring neighbor, a pouty colleague or a family with whom he disagrees. All this may have a bad effect on our health, especially if we are in a negative atmosphere everyday. Therefore, you  will learn how to live in peace with the people in your environment. We also recommend inspirational books.

  • Color Therapy

    Bioptron: each color has its own frequency and vibration. When a particular color frequency enters our body, this vibration can affect our emotions. For example, yellow and orange are associated with happiness. During the Budwig Protocol, you will find out the color that suits you in that particular moment.

  • Bipolarized Light

    Bioptron: for tissue regeneration, pain reduction, swelling reduction.

  • Aqua Detox

    Helps to detoxify the body through the 2000 pores on the feet. Ejects toxins and heavy metals, entered through the diet, the respiratory tract, and the skin.

  • Recipes

    You will receive several recipes that are approved by Dr Budwig and recipes that you will follow during the day and more ideas for a healthy diet to replace the bad eating habits.

  • Pain formulas

    Many cancer patients experience pain. You will learn how to apply special oils that chase away the pain naturally. Some herbs, like cayenne pepper, kill the bacteria that are a common cause of pain. As already mentioned, enema, magnets and detoxification of the liver also reduce pain significantly.

  • Polyclinic Treatments

    Every day, for 2-3 hours, you will receive treatment and instructions. You will make food and juices and do the enema at your own home.

  • SCIO Bioresonance Therapy

    SCIO is a computer device that detects changes in your body through electrodes. Variations and diseases are shown on the computer screen.

    Then, by adjusting the program, through the electrodes, particular healing frequencies are sent back to your body.

    SCIO was first used at NASA more than 20 years ago because the astronauts had to be in top shape. SCIO treats all diseases. It is sufficient to come once a week and later once a month to therapy.

  • Massage

    So-called MERIDIANS or channels pass through the body, through which the vital energy “CHI” flows. The disease is a disorder or a blockage of energy flow. Stimulating acupressure points all over the body and stimulating these energy channels (12 meridians) through elongation and stretching contributes to the elimination of energy blockages, and thus alleviates the symptoms of the disease. Massage cannot cure all diseases, but it can improve the general state of the body, alleviate discomfort and speed up the recovery process.

  • Lymphatic Drainage

    A particular manual technique sets the lymph in motion, which continues to naturally cleanse the body.

  • Reflexology

    Reflexology is an ancient treatment skill, over 5000 years old. Its basis are reflex zones to which the state of the whole organism is reflected. The projection of the whole body is on the palms and the feet.

  • Rehabilitation Massage

    Data entry is underway.

  • Bach Flower Drops

    Bach Flower Medicines present a set of 38 essences made from flowers of wild, self-seeding plants. The main characteristic of these herbal essences is that they are medicines for our internal developments, our thoughts, emotions and inner experience. Bach drops are used to balance emotions.

  • Homeopathy

    The basis of a homeopathic remedy are substances of plant, animal or mineral origin. Homeopathic remedies can be combined with any other treatment. They can be taken by pregnant women and infants, small children, old people.

  • Darkfield Microscopy

    One can see blood in the natural state, its quality and changes. Provides additional information on the health condition of the patient.

  • Energy Exercises

    When we often notice the presence of negative emotions, heavy thoughts, but we do not come up with an answer, it is certain that there is problem in one or more energy centers (chakras). Energy exercises start balancing these energy centers.

  • Aura healing treatment

    aura cleansing and harmonization – music and meditation (technique: plummet, meditation, music), raising the power quality and complete aura development, transformation of harmful energy, vibration and records, purification of information channels and strengthening of the BIO FIELD and DNA, maximum opening and activation of energy centers-the CHAKRAS, the harmonization of the subconscious, conscious and superconscious, transforming negative genetic heritage, deleting pathogenic information of the BIO FIELD and DNA, maximum activation of genetic potential

  • Reiki

    Reiki is a traditional method of healing by touch, which eliminates stress, improves mood, increases immunity, activates all the defense forces. Reiki is also called touch therapy, because the treatment is performed by laying hands on the patient’s body.

  • Reconnective healing

    Reconnective Healing is a unique, new way of healing. It reminds us of who we are and returns us to a natural, healthy state. It works completely successfully at all levels: spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. The effects are often fast, but sometimes it takes several weeks, even months, due to completeness and comprehensiveness of changes.

    Reconnective Healing incorporates the quality of all previous methods of energy medicine, or even exceeds them with often miraculous results of safety and ease of application, as well as the comprehensiveness of effect.

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