Does the Budwig Protocol help with all kinds of cancer?


Healing plan

In her book, Dr Budwig explained how this healing plan improves the state of all cells of the body. It does not matter where the cancer cells are located or how they are called, because the Budwig program gives cells what they need (essential fatty acids) to restore normal function. However, this does not mean that we use the same diet and herbal remedies for each patient. Inspection, blood microscopy and SCIO testing determine a precise diet plan and program of work, depending on your immunity, level of intoxication, energy, etc.

The Budwig Center contains writings of over 30 years of research and 50 years of the existence of the Budwig Protocol and countless studies, which Dr Katarina Badawi also examined.

Therapy and recovery

Dr Budwig’s therapies were documented and passed the tests of the conventional medicine establishment.

Dr Budwig discovered an amazing thing – patients recover after 3 months of applying her diet and mixture of linseed oil and cottage cheese. In some cases, the tumor shrunk. It has also helped some patients whom the doctors said they had no time left. Obviously, Dr Budwig achieved much in the field of cancer research! In one of her books, she said: ’’I often take a very sick patient with cancer from the hospital where he was told that he had only a few days or a few hours left. This is usually accompanied by very good results. The first thing these patients and their families tell me is that, in the hospital, they were told they would no longer be able to urinate or have bowel passage. They suffered from dry cough and could not cough up the mucus. Everything was blocked. They feel very encouraged when suddenly, in all symptoms, surface-active fats, with their wealth of electrons (a mixture of linseed oil and cottage cheese), start to reactivate the vital functions and the patient immediately feels better.’’

Dangerous oils

Our diet often lacks unsaturated fatty acids and contains an excess of man made oils known as trans-fat (i.e. partially hydrogenated oils). This refers to refined cooking oil and margarine. Most extract the oil from corn, sunflowers, etc. using extremely high temperatures and chemicals. They are no longer alive, natural, but already dead oils that bring death to those who use them. These oils enter the cell membrane and destroy its electric charge. Without the charge, our cells start to suffocate from lack of oxygen. It is no wonder that Dr Budwig found patients often displayed a greenish color to their blood before the start of her protocols. These trans-fats are also responsible for type 2 diabetes, because insulin is a large molecule that does not easily pass through the cell membrane incorporating the artificial fat.


Success in improving health depends on how seriously the patient follows the Protocol. Those who follow all instructions on diet and lifestyle witness visible improvements in only 3 months. Patients who experience pain feel better while they are with us in therapy, that is, in the first 2 weeks. Improving the overall energy, mood and regulation of appetite and sleep may also happen in the first 2 weeks. In cases in which laboratory results are monitored, e.g. the level of sugar in the blood, changes can be seen in a month. The cure rate is 90%

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